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Shengshou magnetic clock

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The ShengShou Clock was the first mass produced factory magnetic clock to be released, it represents a definite improvement on the LingAo but does not compete with the QiYi Clock which was released shortly afterwards

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Customer Reviews

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Great value

As the title suggests, this cube is great value. It's my first clock, and it is amazing, I haven't had any problems with it so far.

Good clock

It’s my first clock and I’ve had no problems, it is good value too so would recommend

Great with modding

Out of the box, this thing was horrible. Every turn was a lockup, the pins got stuck at halfway, and the outer clocks were very hard to grip onto. My first ever average with this clock was a 39.63, which was horrible at the time. The casing is suprisingly easy to open and it is very simple to put together. My first mod was sanding the outer gears down a bit so that they wouldn't catch on the other peices as much. Then, I made washers and custom pins using 3d printing, and applied those. Next, I loosened the casing and applied some DMN-37, and since then, I have found it comparable to the Qiyi. I have obtained a 7.24 single and a 10.63 average with this clock, would highly reccomend if you can't get the Qiyi.

Decent for today's standards

Small note before we begin is that this clock was my very first. Some opinions will not be well informed.
From solves before I'd setup I can definitely say you need to setup this clock to enjoy the event (as with the rest of today's clocks or so I've heard) but you can most definitely tell shengshou/sengso has taken that into consideration this factor of the event by making the case easy to take apart - using just a screwdriver to take apart.
I've heard many complaints about the click of the pins yet i feel this unwarranted as it is definitely significant enough to not overshoot often enough for it to become a problem.
the factory magnets for the inner pins (as i'll call them because I have no clue of the name) were one of the main appeals of this clock. I feel they are light enough to not make you feel like you are not being held back on speed when pressing them in yet they don't feel light enough for them to not press in when turning at random.
One problem that bugs me slightly is that if you do overshoot and leave a pin the the middle of 2 separate directions the inner pins lock of so you have to find the cog that needs turning if that were to happen.
This clock as stated in the title is 'decent for today's standards' but I'd like for clocks to at some point be usable out the box: my first time taking a clock apart and back together to set it up took about an hour and people even newer than me to cubing - I've been this 6 months - would really struggle.