MoYu RS3M 2020

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The RS3M 2020 is our most popular product, it is widely regarded as the best budget 3x3x3 and features elasticity adjustment as well as the standard screw for tensioning. The magnets are quite weak but still noticeable. It is better with the Neutrino set up.



Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great low cost cube

Really good cube - well made, adjustable and quick out of the box.

Kieran Day
Great Cube, just one problem for me.

So, first, I did my first ever solve on a cube that I actually owned myself, which was a good feeling, the turning is really nice, it has a really easy tensioning system to it, but the thing is for some reason the little blue plastic screwdriver thing didn't come with it for me, so I had to search through my garage for a screwdriver lol, not sure why it didn't come with but I figured out a solution. otherwise everything about the cube is perfect, and the price to quality is a lot better than some other cubes, for example saying a £60 cube, would certainly not be 6 times as better. overall, Amazing cube, -1 point for the missing screwdriver though lol. 9/10.

That is very strange, must be a manufacturer mistake, there is usually a MoYu screwdriver inside the blue accessories box that comes with the cube.

great except for the first part

this is a great cube but when it came it was already scrambled. i done what i would to solve it but it didnt solve. I had to disassemble and reassemble the cube for it to work. Overall, it is a great cube and definitely my main.

The cube certainly should nto have come scrambled, I am not sure what happened there, glad you like it though.

Master cuber
Best cube on the Market!

Out of the box the MoYu rs3m 2020 was incredible. It straight away became my main and has an easy tensioning system. Once I lubricated it my times dropped down and i got my new PB of 10 seconds and a new average of 14 seconds. I definitely recommend this cube.

Caleb walters

Great cube for 10 pounds couldn't be better