MoYu Mofang Jiaoshi Meilong 2x2x2

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MeiLong 2x2 is the smallest cube of this popular series from MoFangJiaoShi.

The cube design is similar to most new 2x2s, including flagship products like ZhanLang or Valk 2.
The inner edges are characterized by a greatly simplified design with large roundings and an asymmetrical shape (one side of the edge is open) allowing easier production. The pieces have a WeiPo-like, 4-part construction - a leg with three colored overlays.
This is the lightest 2x2 on the market at just 51g

It is suitable for both amateurs and professionals.

This cube is only available in stickerless which means you cannot peel the stickers off.

At we aim to provide speedcubers with high-quality speedcubes at reasonable prices, we are all speedcubers ourselves and are therefore able to recommend the right cubes to the right people. We aim to get new cubes in stock quickly so that cubers can experience the best cubes available.

MoYu Cubing Classroom Meilong 2x2x2 Magic Cube StickerlessMoYu Cubing Classroom Meilong 2x2x2 Magic Cube StickerlessMoYu Cubing Classroom Meilong 2x2x2 Magic Cube Stickerless

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A good non-magnetic 2x2

I’ve been using this cube for a short time and I’ve found it generally pretty decent given that it’s a budget cube that’s non-magnetic. It would be better lubed but I can’t complain given the incredible price.

best budget 2x2

Just had to loosen it a small bit and it’s amazing. The corner cutting is amazing and magnets aren’t even needed!

Dr. Cubic
Best 2x2 with or without magnets

The meilong 2x2 is the only decent budget 2x2, it turns fast and is smooth. It is an excellent choice for beginners looking to get into 2x2

Amazing budget 2x2!

I think this cube is an absolutely amazing 2x2 for its cheap price and can perform exceptionally well. It has good corner cutting and overall is an extremely fast 2x2 (better than some of the more expensive ones)!