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Qiyi Valk 3 Elite M

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The valk 3 elite is QiYis latest flagship 3x3, it has the unusual option of centre-edge magnet placement along with the standard magnet placement, despite this it is surprisingly light. 


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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
smooth 🧈

this cube is insanley smooth. it still feels like a valk but more flexible and buttery. i was really wowed by it out of the box. with the stronger magnets or the weakest, it performs well. valks have a super unique feel from other brands of cubes, and this is a perfect example of that. definetely worth trying it out 👌

Martin Steinee
Great cube but takes looong for setup

Even though I was recommended to take the WRM I decided to take the valk because I only had moyu cubes so far.
Well it turned out that I should have listened to the recommendations of speedcubing.org. I was not that happy with the cube for nearly half a year now but today I found just the perfect setup that made me falling in love with this cube.
It turned out that my main problem was the magnet strenght, they were too stron so I switched to the green centercaps witch are the lightest onrs and gave the cube some kind of gummy but controllable feel with some lube.
It turbed out that this was just perfect.
I would never switch back to my old main (RS3M 2020) anymore.
I can clearly recommend this cube to eberyobe that takes time to find the perfect setup it is clearly harder than at any other cube I had before.
TI would always buy cubes at this site again the people are nice and helpful and prices are great.
Martin from Austria