X-Man Tornado V3M Pioneer

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The Tornado V3M is QiYi's 2022 flagship 3x3x3 speedcube, they have improved on the previous version and significantly increased the corner cutting ability and the cube has a more polished exterior, it is faster than the previous version without compromising too much on stability.

Standard: purely standard corner-edge magnets

Flagship: has a magnetic core which connects to the corners allowing a stronger and more uniform magnetic feel.

Pioneer (this version): Features the same magnetic core as the flagship version but also has Maglev tensioning instead of the standard springs, maglev allows the cube to be faster if required as it eliminates friction in the spring.

Customer Reviews

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Phill George

This is amazing value. It’s a top level cube at a very very reasonable price. It needed a bit of playing around with to find a good set up but this is very easy to do with this particular mechanism.

Great speed cube

Purchased this cube on my son’s request and he’s very pleased with it. Thank you for great service and quick delivery.

John c
This thing is silent like a ninja

Amazing cube.
I am going to get a couple more so I can have one on desk at work, and in the glove box.
This moves brilliantly, is almost silent (so no longer annoy wife if we are watching TV).
The clear plastic box that it comes with is the best storage device I have in my cube collection.

Brilliant cube

Absolutely amazing, the cube is great, it turns really well and is a great cube for the price. It is also on the quieter end of most cubes. The reverse corner-cutting has also significantly improved from the tornado-v2 and overall it just feels like a great puzzle to turn. I would highly recommend this cube to anybody who has an interest in speedcubing. Shipping was also great and on time, would definitely use this website again.

Amazing cube

I recently got the X-Man Tornado V3 Pioneer and it is such a great cube. The V2 had a couple of slight issues but the V3 has solved all of them and is the perfect mix of speed, controllability and corner cutting. I would say that it isn’t perfect out of the box however with just a small amount of set-up, this cube is genuinely one of the best for it’s price and it might even be a competitor for the GAN flagships. There is no doubt that this is the best cube to be released this year.