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James Tyrrell

Here's the bio thing i came up with for myself. I didn't really know what to write, so if you have some suggestions/edits feel free to do them
Name: James Tyrrell

Age: 14

WCA ID: 2019TYRR01

Main Events: FMC, 5x5, 6x6, 7x7, and I've recently started getting into 3BLD

Social Media: Youtube (, Instagram (, and Twitch (

Bio: Hello! My name is James, but you probably know me as LunarCuber. I'm a Speedcuber from Dublin in Ireland, and I've been cubing for just a bit over a year.
Currently, I am unofficially the best Irish FMC solver! I hope to be able to break the NR mean soon, although competitions that have 3 FMC solves are very rare here in Ireland.
My favourite events at the moment are FMC (not too hard to guess) and 6x6.

Other than Speedcubing, I produce music, and post a lot of it on my soundcloud (