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YJ MGC 2x2x2 elite

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The YJ MGC elite 2x2x2 is a long awaited 2x2x2 completing the MGC 2-6 line up, it has a centre-edge magnet design instead of the ordinary corner-edge magnet design and is slightly larger than most 2x2x2s at 51mm.



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Customer Reviews

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Liam W
Excellent 2x2

I have been using a YJ yupo v2 m and decided I wanted a better 2x2 so opted for the YJ mgc2 elite m.

It’s a fantastic little 2x2, it’s fast, controllable and corner cutting is excellent

It’s a little pricey but worth it imo


having tried out quite a few of the flagship 2x2 cubes out there, i can say that this cube is comparable to a gan 251 leap (both probably the best 2x2 cubes out there). The MGC is much cheaper and i can get similar times with it to my gan 251 so i have made it my main. it’s smooth, good out the box, medium magnet strength and easy 45 degree corner cutting. many of my cuber friends have also chosen it over the valk, gan and dayan cubes as it has the perfect balance of speed, stability and reliability. thanks for the short delivery times!

Parker Bonnefin

Personally my favourite budget 2x2 yet! Speedy, very easy to handle and great quality!