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YuXin Teraminx coming!

YuXin have announced they are releasing a teraminx and it is now available for pre-order here, YuXin released a gigaminx last year and it received quite a lot of attention as it performed significantly better than any of the other gigaminx puzzles on the market. I have never stocked any of the previous gigaminx or teraminxes simply because the quality is not good enough, I am glad that reliable high order minx puzzles are now being released and hopefully the teraminx will perform similarly well.

DianSheng have been teasing magnetic gigaminxes and teraminxes for a while now and it finally seems like they will soon be releasing one, they have said that the magnetic gigaminx will be released at the end of May, postponing the release of their magnetic 12x12x12, I suspect they will release a magnetic teraminx and a magnetic 13x13x13 by the end of the year, it will be interesting to see how much they charge for this. 

While any decent speedcuber who can solve a megaminx and a 7x7x7 should be able to solve a teraminx, I would expect the average speedcuber to take around the time they take to solve a 13x13x13, the unofficial world record is currently held by Axel Brisse with a time of 18:00.75 which is actually slower than the unofficial world record for the 13x13x13 of 17:14.744. This presents a far cheaper way of getting a good, hard solve considering the teraminx is available for only £48, compared to the YuXin HuangLong 13x13x13 which is £150, it will be interesting to see how much DianSheng charge for their high order minxes and very big cubes.

For those interested: here are the minxes:

A minx features 12 pentagons so is a dodecahedron puzzle

Pyraminx: irrelevant

Kilominx / Kibiminx : 2x2x2 minx

Megaminx: 3x3x3

Master kilominx / mebiminx: 4x4x4

gigaminx: 5x5x5

Elite kilominx / gibiminx: 6x6x6

Teraminx: 7x7x7

Petaminx: 9x9x9

Examinx: 11x11x11

Zettaminx: 13x13x13

Yottaminx: 15x15x15

Atlasminx: 17x17x17

These are mostly based on an extension of the metric system, with the kibi, mebi and gibi prefixes proposed by youtuber DGCubes to reflect the difference between a Kilobyte and a Kibibyte which very few people ever care about.


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