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7x7x7 recommendations

7x7 is my favourite WCA event and the one I am best at, I have an official 2:32 average and came 2nd at the UK Championship 2023 in 7x7, In this guide I have tested and reviewed all the relevant 7x7s on the market and listed what I believe to the best 7x7s on the market in their various price ranges and which one you should buy at the end of 2023.

Important things to note:

7x7s have lots of pieces, it is important to not force corner cuts beyond what the cube is capable of, if a piece ends up in the wrong layer then carefully move it back down into the correct layer.

And as always, if a piece pops out then stop turning the cube immediately and try to fix it.


Best 7x7 overall:


Picube MoYu AoFu WRM: £80

The AoFu WRM is already the best 7x7 on the market and used by most top speedcubers, the addition of core magnets adds even more improvement to the cube, saving me a few seconds on my solves, if you want the absolute best then this is the 7x7 to get, it is just as fast as the ordinary AoFu WRM but with a slight increase in stability.

Best 7x7 (£35 and under):



MoYu AoFu WRM: £35


The MoYu AoFu WRM is a 7x7 speedcube which I can highly recommend, it is more stable than the MGC but is also very fast, it is slightly smaller than most 7x7s and has a light and fast turning which feels really nice and produces very fast times.



Best 7x7 (£30 and under):



YJ MGC 7x7x7: £17


The MGC 7x7 is the largest cube in YJ’s revolutionary MGC big cube series, it is fast and flexible and performs very well and is still used by some top speedcubers today.


Best 7x7 (£15 and under):



MeiLong 7x7 V2M: £15


The MeiLong 7x7 V2M is a surprisingly good budget 7x7, it has a design based off the AoFu WRM but has slightly cheaper plastic and less precise moulding, if you want to get your first 7x7 then this is worth considering.


While I do sell some non magnetic 7x7s that are a bit cheaper, there is no point in considering them here, if you care at all about speedcubing then I would recommend that you spend the extra few pounds to get a 7x7 that at least has some magnets.