Gan 12 MAGLEV UV coated

Gan 12 MAGLEV UV coated

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The Gan 12 is Gancube's 2021 flagship, it should be fast and smooth and build on Gancube's reputation for releasing the best (and most expensive) speedcubes. This version comes with Gancube's first attempt at MAGLEV which has been used in MoYu cubes such as the RS3M 2021 MAGLEV and WRM 2021 MAGLEV. The Gan 12 Leap version is expected to be available soon.

Customer Reviews

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Aziz Ahmed
Great service

Great product and great service

Gan UV Maglev.

This is my first Gan cube I've purchased and I certainly wasn't disappointed with it. I've read about it locking up but I don't cube near fast enough for that to be happening to me. It's feels smooth with a buttery feel to it and it suits my needs. And thanks to for being able to sell cubes for cheaper than other retailers.

Richard Casey
Fantastic but expensive.

I'm very much a hobbyist. Tymon could solve 9 cubes in the time it takes me to solve one (on average), but all the same I love cubes. I love the way they feel and move, and this feels glorious. It moves so smoothly and effortlessly. Algorithms feel like they're more natural with this cube. It's a crazy amount to spend, but I have to say its better than any others I've tried (including the rs3m 2021 maglev, wrm2021 maglev, and dayan v2m). I wish it was a little quieter so I could use it in the office, and I do worry that I'll break it if I drop it, but it's a glorious experience if you can afford it.

Fran Ward
Badly packaged

The products were great, unfortunately the packaging was terrible. There was a gap big enough for a cube to escape from. This wasn’t created in transit, this was clauses by using a box that wasn’t the right size. If there was any bubble wrap/padding it had left the box before it arrived. When the contents are over £150 I’d expect a bit more security.