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MoYu RS3M 2021 Maglev

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The RS3M 2021 features basically the same design as the original RS3M 2020 (our most popular ever speedcube) but with repelling magnets in place of springs, which have been the standard tensioning tool for years. This is the first speedcube to use the Magnetic levitation tension system.

Customer Reviews

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Great purchase

Bought an RS3M from, good prices, quick delivery and a sweet tutorial leaflet with tips and tricks!

Richard Casey
Fantastic and affordable

Wonderful cube. Use it all the time, though it is a bit noisy and definitely on the heavy side (though I like the weight).

Liam W
Another Excellent Speedcube By Moyu

I currently own a RS3M 2020 and WRM 2021 Maglev, and this is another fantastic cube.

It’s faster than the RS3M 2020 and slower than WRM 2021 Maglev. It also sits in between both cubes in terms of control too

It’s a little dry out the box as with most cubes, so a few drops of lube and it’s good to go.

Overall another great cube by Moyu

Robert Snipe
Great cube at a budget friendly price

I have recently picked up my cube and the cubes available have come on leaps and bounds, especially with the use of magnets. Most of my cube time was on a classic Rubik's cube. This cube is on another level. The magnets help it snap to corners and its smooth and doesn't lock up. I don't have the non maglev to compare it too so can't comment if that makes any difference at all. There is certainly no spring noise.

buy right now

if you are starting out in your cubing journey, this is in my opinion a great cube! it is in the middle at pretty much everything so there is nothing to hate about the cube. i can get similar times on this cube as i can my main (wrm 2021). i found that this cube is nice and easy to set up so this can suit beginners or lazy people like me! this cube also gives lots of growing room for new cubers as you can use this cube until you find something that suits your fancy without rushing as the cube won’t slow you down!