Gan 11M PRO

Posted by Daniel Evans on

We are excited to announce this new speedcube is coming out soon, we do not have the price confirmed yet so we cannot get it up for pre-order just yet but we expect it to be around £50, if you place an order between now and whenever we get it up and write 'Gan 11M PRO' in the order comments then we will send you a 10% discount code for it.

It appears to have core-corner magnets to produce a more even magnetic pull which will be very interesting to try, I suspect the base design will be just the same but it will come with new features such as the core-corner magnets.

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  • WICKED! I can’t wait till you get this in stock..I think the UV coated version will be soon as you get them in I’ll have one for defo..stay safe Team

    NobleCuber on
  • I cannot wait to get this cube someday! This is a revolutionary design, I would love this if I had the money!

    Luni Batema on

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