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Norwich Summer 2022 speedcubing competition

Norwich Summer 2022 cubing competition sponsored by UK

Isn't it fun when you have insider knowledge of upcoming competitions before they are announced to the public???

I knew about Norwich for a while beforehand as I was looking to sponsor the competition. Norwich Summer 2022 will take place on 30-31st July 2022 at St Andrews Hall in Norwich, it will have a competitor limit of 150 and consist of the following WCA events:





3x3x3 blindfolded

3x3x3 Fewest moves





Registration opens on June 7th at 7:00PM BST and may fill up quickly so make sure you are ready to register.

I will have a stall at the competition selling my speedcubes and promoting, I also plan to compete.


Yes, you Americans have been stealing our place names for ages, at least New York made it clear that it isn’t York, most don’t even bother with a prefix to differentiate it from the original British place, there are two places in the UK called Washington, Ohio and Kentucky even have the audacity to call places ‘London’! Don’t worry though, the Australians are just as bad.

Daniel Evans

Haha, nice joke. We never EVER steal names of cities… or wait- do we?

Lukas Batema

@Lukas Batema you pesky Americans! First you steal our place names and then you forget that you stole them in the first place! Trying to pass off Norwich as an American city when we had it hundreds of years before you!

Daniel Evans

This isn’t a UK competition, why are you, as a UK-based company, sponsoring an out-of-country competition? LOL!

Lukas Batema

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