QiMing S2 Pyraminx review | £5 and definitely no magnets | how well can it perform?

Posted by Daniel Evans on

So it turns out that there are definitly no magnets in this pyraminx, it features a ball-point positioning system which it turns out is similar to what is used on the meilong pyraminx. I am probably slightly embarassing myself by forgetting about that since I have obviously had to play around with the meilong pyraminx a lot at market stalls. I think that on the QiMing S2 it is more obvious and overall the performance is definitely better, it is essentially a cheaper version of the X-Man Bell V1, I am not sure why they chose to use that as a base model instead of the new X-Man Bell V2 but they did, if you want a £5 pyraminx then this is my recommendation but if you can afford to spend a bit more then consider the QiYi MS or better still, the Gan Pyraminx.

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