RS3M 2020 Vs QiYi MS

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This cubing comparison may be the decider for some people who cannot make up their mind on whether to purchase the QiYi MS 3x3, or the RS3M 2020. This is part one of the experiment to decide which cube can do better under different circumstances. In this case, I wanted to see which cube would do better (solve time wise), without any cube lubrication. The quick answer to this, is the RS3M 2020. Here is the long answer. When using the same scrambles for each solve, even though I used the RS3M 2020 for the first run-through, it still had a fastest average. What I mean by this, is that when already using the scrambles for the first solve set, the MS, could not keep up with the memory I have already ingrained from the RS3M 2020’s solves, to how much I could solve the MS I. The same time. This is because the MS has some major flaws when it comes to not being lubed. First one is, that it locks up way more than if it was lined. Secondly, it is scratchy and dry feeling when it is not lubed. That may slow down times, as the magnet strength is “stronger” when their is nothing holding back how fast a person turns. The RS3M 2020, still feels like it is lubricated a bit, even after it being thoroughly cleaned out. These are just some of the flaws that the MS has. Some flaws that the RS3M 2020 has, is it just feels a tad bit too slow because it feels lubed a tiny bit. That is about the only flaw that the RS3M has. One good thing about the MS, is that the magnets are stronger than the RS3M. One good thing about the RS3M, is that it does not lock up as much as the MS. In this experiment, clearly the RS3M 2020 is better than the MS. This may not be the final answer though, as their are some more experiments to come! Please stay tuned! This has been Lukas Batema, and I am signing out!

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  • Thank you to Luni Batema for making the video and writing for our blog, it is very helpful.

    Daniel Evans on
  • This is so cool! I hope this will help people decide!

    Luni Batema on

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