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What is wrong with the AoHun WRM

The AoHun WRM has been quite a disappointing megaminx, certainly not living up to the expectations speedcubers had of it based on the rest of the WRM line, in this video I wanted to look at the potential reasons for that.

It appears to come down to the torpedoes, torpedoes are used to hold edges more firmly in place between the corners, while modern speedcubes often extend them to also lock them in between the centres too. the problem is that they slow the cube down slightly, we then have to look at whether they are worth it, megaminxes do not pop the same way as 3x3x3s generally so there is little to no point in having torpedoes, this is what I think the main problem with the AoHun WRM is and what makes the YuHu V2M perform so well.

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