X-Man Flare 2x2x2

Posted by Daniel Evans on

We are very excited to have this new 2x2x2 in stock, it feels like a faster valk 2M but does not quite have the corner cutting ability of the valk 2, the valk 2 is however only good when set-up really well and since my only experience of well set-up valk 2s is from people selling me used cubes, I have no experience in setting it up properly, I suspect if this cube was set-up properly it would perform very well. It is the first 2x2x2 to have multiple magnet options meaning that unlike with the valk 2, you don't have to buy both the light and normal magnetic options to try them both! In fact there are actually three options. We await the opinions of good 2x2x2 solvers to really know how good this cube is

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