YJ Mini cubes series

YJ Mini cubes series

Oct 9, 2020

ZhiLong, ZhiSu, ZhiChuang

YJ have recently teased some mini cubes recently, I predict they will be released relatively soon and will be in a similar price-range to the Yu V2M line. YJ have uploaded some good solves on the ZhiLong on Instagram. I predict that these cubes will be very good, probably not for me personally but for those with smaller hands. These will be the first mass produced mini magnetic cubes, previously cubers have magnetized cubes such as the MF 50mm cubes or the mini 47.4mm Valk 3 but now we will no longer have to do that. Mini cubes are often used by some for one-handed solving, although most top-cubers use full size cubes anyway, these will probably be reasonably popular, they may also lead to more people doing 4x4x4 and 5x5x5 one-handed.

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