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Even more old cubes you probably don't care about!

Some very interesting cubes here, the MGC V2 was actually surprisingly good and I don't think any of them were as bad as I have seen in the previous two videos in this series, the TangLong and TangPo were both decent cubes for their time, just a bit weird having them with brown internals! The MoYu AoChuang felt like it was decent for 2014, I am glad to finally have one myself as that was recommended at school when I was starting cubing. The YJ ChiLong was also surprisingly good, LiYing looked like it would be really bad but was not quite as bad as I suspected it would be (looks can be deceptive), and I don't think I am really qualified to talk about skewb but the MeiChen skewb felt ok. Buy the AoChaung WRM here

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