MGC 7x7x7

Posted by Daniel Evans on

So, I have not broken any personal bests but I am really starting to like the MGC 7x7x7, it is fast and reasonably smooth, it feels like what the AoFu GTSM tried to achieve but failed. I have been averaging relatively consistently in the 2:45 range which is pretty normal for me, I will need to test it against the spark a bit to fully decide whether it will be my main 7x7x7 but it currently seems very promising, I hope to get a youtube review out in the next few days confirming my decision. I lubricated it with Angstrom as I normally do and for a while it was a bit slower so I added a bit more DNM-37 than normal and it is now consistently fast and does not need regular relubing.

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  • I cannot wait till I can afford to get one!

    Lukas Batema on

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