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MoYu Puppet cubes

Oct 26, 2020

From one side it looks like a 2x2x2 and from other sides it might look like a 4x4x4, normal algorithms are probably not possible which will likely make these much more difficult. Little is known about them as they have not been sent to testers yet but they do look rather interesting, there are two versions: puppet 1 and puppet 2.

puppet 1 is more bandaged as the yellow-blue-red corner is all bandaged up like a 2x2x2, puppet 2 is less bandaged as this same corner looks like a 4x4x4 would, the rest of the two cubes looks basically the same with the green, orange and white sides all looking like a 2x2x2, I suppose if the picture was taken from a different angle it would just look like another 2x2x2.

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