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QiYi QiFan S2 6x6x6

The original QiFan S was rubbish as are basically all budget non-magnetic 6x6s such as the meilong and MF6 (and the shengshou mrm, it isn't fully magnetic!). As an experienced 6x6 solver I can have some idea of how good a cube will be by looking at it and it looks to me from the photos like it will definitely be better than current budget 6x6s. The interesting thing is that it is likely to be a budget version of the shadow V2 which is in testing stages at the moment, probably made with cheaper plastic and a simpler design but pieces interchangeable nonetheless. The price is likely to be £10 but I think it's very unlikely it won't be worth spending the extra £4 for the yushi V2M just for the magnets, I don't think they are likely to make a magnetic version. Interestingly they have also been talking about educational benefits of cubing on the Instagram post!

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