MoYu WeiLong V9 unboxing

MoYu WeiLong V9 unboxing

Apr 27, 2023

Yes, it is the Weilong Version 9:

Weilong V1

Weilong V2

Weilong V3 = GTS 1

Weilong V4 = GTS 2

Weilong V5 = GTS3M/LM

Weilong V6 = WRM 2019

Weilong V7 = WRM 2020

Weilong V8 = WRM 2021

Weilong V9 = yes, we now have a 9th version of the MoYu WeiLong, it is a very nice cube, too fast out of the box but the corner cutting is incredible, it comes in 3 versions, a standard with only normal magnets, a maglev version and a ball core UV version which comes with a ball core, corner magnets and repelling edge magnets, all 3 are excellent cubes.

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