new products coming on 9th January

Jan 4, 2020

Due to popular demand we are restocking the MGC 6x6x6, this is an excellent new 6x6x6 that is probably the best on the market despite its low price.

We will also be stocking the MGC 5x5x5 that is expected to perform similarly, however it may have a harder time performing better than the well established Valk 5, used almost universally amongst top cubers and allowed Max Park to reduce the world record average by around 3 seconds before it was fully released.

We will also finally be stocking our first megaminx- the QiYi X-Man Galaxy V2M, still used by many of the top cubers including the world record holder, and the Gan 356 XS which despite its high price, has been well received amongst cubers with many top cubers using it.


If you came here from the link rabbit hole then you really are an April fool...

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