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QiYi AoHu 5x5x5 + more unboxing (old cubes you probably don't care about 5)

The QiYi AoHu is a pretty bad 5x5x5 from QiYi that I suspect did not gather much attention as I have not been able to get a definitive release date for it, it is certainly worse than the WuShuang which became pretty much everyone's main at the end of 2016. The Yuxin Little Magic Skewb is decent and I may consider stocking it as a budget skewb option. The QJ 3x3x3 is a piece of absolute rubbish, it is crazy to think that this was considered a decent speedcube once! The GuoGuan YeuXiao Pro M was a pretty nice speedcube from 2017, has an interesting snappy feel and stands up quite well against all modern speedcubes. The YuXin Treasure Chest is a very interesting puzzle, I am glad to have one that works well now, watch the whole video for an interesting story about it.

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