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Tymon's 3.75 +2 3x3x3 solve reconstruction/analysis (+ can I beat him?)

Tymon Kolasiński's unfortunate +2 official 3x3 solve prevented him from breaking his own world record and getting the first ever official sub-5 average (and only the second ever sub-4 single). His solution is simply not what I would have come up with, I would not have chosen white cross, I would not have done all his pseudoslotting, I managed to beat his official solve time of 5.75 after memorizing and practicing the scramble.

R2 B2 U' B2 L2 D B2 U' L2 U' L D U R F' L U F D U' R2

Solution: z2 (inspection)

L D' R' U2 L2' (pseudo xcross)

U2 R U' R' (2nd pair)

d' R' U' R u' (3rd pair)

R U2' R' U' R U R' (4th pair)

U R U R' F' U' F U R U2' R' (OLLCP) U (AUF)

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