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You probably do not care about these old speedcubes but I do.

I am beginning to fill the gaps in my cube collection to try to get a record of the evolution of modern speedcube design, in this video I unbox a few interesting old speedcubes including the ShengShou Fangyuan and rainbow 3x3x3, witeden type C4 (with its very strange centre design which makes putting an edge piece back in quite difficult) and 4x4x4, lanlan 2x2x2 and FangShi Jieyun 3x3x3 and XingYu 2x2x2. Obviously these cubes do not stack up against the speedcubes we have today which is why I am not going to be selling them on my store but speedcube design did slowly improve over time, it did not just go straight from an original Rubik's brand to a Gan 12 Maglev UV coated, there were many intermediate steps and some which people would consider flops but desginers could learn from these 'flops' to aid them in designing better cubes in the future.

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