RS3M 2021 Maglev + Gan Mini M Pro + QiYi 8x8x8 + YuXin Rounded Pyraminx unboxing

Posted by Daniel Evans on

The Gan Mini M Pro is very simply what it says, it is a 53mm version of the Gan 11 M Pro, it feels pretty nice but is a bit too small for me.

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The RS3M 2021 Maglev has a very similar design to the original RS3M 2020 but comes with repelling magnets instead of springs, out of the box it is a bit too fast but I suspect it will perform well with some lubrication and set-up.

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The QiYi 8x8x8 is a nice new 8x8x8, I don't have too much to compare it to but it performs decently.

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The YuXin rounded pyraminx is another nice new puzzle, it only has two colours so makes for an interesting solve but ultimately it is not difficult at all.

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